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Makaton Core Vocabulary Signs on USB Drive


Individual video clips of all ~550 signs in the Makaton Core Vocabulary on a USB drive.

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Individual video clips of all ~550 signs in the Makaton Core Vocabulary on a USB drive.


On this USB you will find video clips of all the signs that form the Makaton South Africa’s Core Vocabulary (CV) Collection.

The purpose of these video clips of the Makaton South Africa (MSA) signs is that the learning of Makaton signs in South Africa can be supported with easy access to quality modeling – for users themselves, their communication partners and service providers.

MSA underwent a revision project in 2022, modernising and revising their Core Vocabulary.

  • Outdated and irrelevant vocabulary was removed
  • Where it was thought there were some important words missing from the original Core Vocabulary, they were added in
  • Some signs were changed to align more closely to South Africa Sign Language
  • Some concepts were modernized

The MSA revised Core Vocabulary was launched in February 2023. This USB replaces the Core Vocabulary that was previously presented on DVDs.

Each USB is recorded with a unique serial number.

Contents of the USB

The video clips of signs on this USB are available both

  1. Alphabetically
  2. By Stages

Also on the USB you will find the following 4 PDF documents

  1. MSA USB of Signs – Read Me
    An introduction to this USB of Signs and Copyright terms.
  1. MSA USB of Signs – CV in Alphabetical Order
    This is a list of all the concepts in the Core Vocabulary, in Alphabetical Order. The Stages the concepts are found in are listed alongside the concepts.
  1. MSA USB of Signs – CV by Stages
    This is a list of all the concepts in the Core Vocabulary, presented in Stages in the order taught in the Level Courses and as they are found in the Level Manuals.
  • Level 1 – Stages 1&2 and 1st Additional Part A
  • Level 2 – Stages 3&4 and 1st Additional Part B
  • Level 3 – Stages 5&6 and 2nd Additional
  • Level 4 – Stages 7&8

MSA USB of Signs – Categories

This is a collection of vocabulary by categories. It is not an exhaustive list but represents some common categories of words. Feel free to combine words in a variety of different categories, to suit your own needs. The following categories are available for your use:

  1. Adjectives
  2. Animals
  3. Colours
  4. Food & Drinks
  5. House & Home
  6. Transport
  7. Medical
  8. People (& Family & Jobs)
  9. Prepositions
  10. Pronouns
  11. Questions
  12. Social
  13. Technology
  14. Time
  15. Verbs
  16. Weather


The videos of signs on the Makaton South Africa USB of Signs are owned exclusively by Makaton South Africa. It represents their intellectual property and is strictly copyrighted.

You may download these videos to your personal computer/device but you are NOT ALLOWED to share them with anyone else. Purchase of these videos is for the exclusive use of the purchaser.

Schools or centers purchasing the USB may download the videos onto a maximum of THREE school devices associated with key individuals in the school/centre.

Examples of fair use and unfair use:

  • Parents of can download these videos onto their personal devices for use in the home.
  • Parents may not share these video clips with teachers and therapists.
  • Teachers and therapists can use these videos to develop their own signing skills.
  • Teachers and therapists may download these videos onto their personal devices.
  • Teachers and therapists can show these videos to the people they serve.
  • Teachers and therapists wanting to share video clips with the people they serve can make and share videos of themselves signing for use within closed, private groups only. Public sharing is only allowed with the Makaton Quality Stamp (received after the videos have been vetted by Makaton South Africa).
  • Teachers and therapists may not share or download these videos onto other people’s devices or share them with parents.
  • Schools purchasing this USB may load the contents on a maximum of THREE school devices (not parent devices). The contents may not become the property of staff (or parents) associated with the school, or leave with the staff or parents once they leave the school. They did not purchase the USB so they do not own the video clips.
  • Any downloads from this USB onto devices are to be treated with the same conditions as for this primary USB.

Makaton South Africa hopes that you will enjoy using these video clips of signs, and find them beneficial in your learning and in your service of our South African community of people with communication and language challenges.

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